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Anithin' 4 love

See, I'll do anything 4 love(oh-oh oh-oh) I'll do anything 4 love (oh-...

Automatic lady

Touch down, ready to blow away A hundred miles an hour Are you ready t...

Believe есть видео

Even when the thunder and storm begins I'll be standing stong like a t...

Don't leave

Don't leave me all alone Just drop me off at home I'll be fine, its no...

Get outta my way

Stay one hundred miles away That’s close enough, This World is n’t big...

In сircles

We all need friends Loving somebody don’t cost a thing Don't stop livi...

Lonely есть видео

I just don't understand Why'd you leave me like this? Come back to me ...


Yesterday, you came to me And told me you have found another love (lov...

Number one fan есть видео

They call me Dima Bilan......

Rocket man

Man.. man... rocket man... man... man... Rocket man... man... man.......

есть аккорды - есть перевод, есть аккорды - есть видео, есть аккорды - есть аккорды

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